We provide individualised health care plans to our customers. We optimise your life by optimising your health.

Why us


Our health packages are tailor made to fit the personal needs of our clients. We acknowledge that everyone is different and has unique needs in seeking health. We seek to understand our clients lifestyle, family and medical history and establish what health plan suits  them best to optimise their life by optimising their health.We work with professionals in the different health departments to bring ou the best care

Our motivation

About 71% of global deaths are due to non communicable diseases(with heart diseases, cancers, lung diseases and diabetes in the lead). More than 3/4 of this cases affect middle and low income countries.Most of this cases can be prevented by modification of the risk factors that we have control over e.g physical inactivity, unhealthy diet , harmful alcohol use and tobacco smoking.By encouraging better health seeking behaviours, we hope to help our clients live longer healther lives.

What we offer

We link you to different health professionals both online and physically for consultation about your health. We provide diet/mealplans for you and your family,made by our nutritionists based on easily locally available ingredients. We’ve got you if you have been looking for a proper exercise routine to keep you fit and we have a shop that provides you with lots of health related products.

Our story

“As a medical student, I saw many patients in the wards with conditions that would have been avoided. Empowering the patients with a little more information about their lifestyle, risk factors to some diseases and some does and don’ts can reduce illnesses drastically. I believe that by providing useful information on health matters, providing services that enhance health and partnering with other professionals in the health sector, we can reduce the disease burden in our country and we can all have optimised lives by optimising our health.”