Nutrition education

What’s nutrition about.

In simple terms, nutrition and dietetics is the science of food and the magic it plays in our bodies. Nutrition is a science that interprets what our foods are made of, the nutrients they contain, the benefits of certain foods and the downside of some. Nutritionists and dietitians study nutrients in relation to proper growth, reproduction, health and disease. They then translate this into the foods we commonly eat and find a way to optimize our diets for a healthy life. 

Here’s why it is important

The only way nutrition can be of use is when one incorporates it into their daily schedule. One creating a habit of being intentional about their diet can achieve this. Without the knowledge on proper nutrition however, it is impossible to do it right. The eye does not see what the mind does not know, and the only way to eat right is by first learning what eating right entails.
We have come up with nutrition talks, reads and even meal plans that can help you be more aware of your diet habits, what you are doing right, what you need to improve on and what you need to give up for a healthier happier life.

Here is what we have

For effective learning, we acknowledge that the information passed has to be practical for an everyday setting. Our nutrition education packages are custom made to fit different groups of people or individuals. They aim to

  • Help one establish what their current feeding habits are.
  • Determine whether ones nutrition habits are destructive or constructive.
  • Deconstruct some false believes about healthy and unhealthy eating.
  • Suggest best nutrition practices in the most practical way.
  • Provide some solutions or alternatives to unhealthy diet habits.
  • Enable one monitor their progress and the impact proper nutrition brings.

This education offers a great opportunity to individuals to learn about the essentials of nutrition for health and to take steps to improve the quality of their diet and thus their well being. Your nutrition journey continues throughout your life. This allows you to be flexible enough in order to accommodate changes, which are inevitable.


Everyone needs to know more about that which drives their bodies, their nutritional status This nutrition education and teaching is for  individuals, caregivers or a group where everything food, nutrition and diets will be talked about. We provide take away materials for reference and meal plans are available too.

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