Nutritional counselling, training and education

It is necessary for each and every person to understand the nutritional needs in their body in each and every cycle of their life . Before birth to infancy , childhood , adolescence , adulthood and finally to old age . It also is good also when we flatten the curve of the lifestyle diseases that are emerging each day . we give a helping hand to those individuals who are also going through their life journeys with these lifestyle diseases. More on nutritional counselling, training and education here.

Diet planning

Just as we plan most of our days activities, it is important to plan for our diet.This ensures that we optimize our nutritional status, which is the best way to keep healthy and fight illnesses. Check here for some recommended diet plans.

Weight Goals

Whether your aim is losing weight, gaining some weight or maintaining your current weight, we work with you to get you there through nutrition advise and followups.

Home Based Care

For those who would wish for a home visit by our nutritionist, we offer that service to ensure optimal care.


Nutrionist Mary has both a diploma and a degree in nutrition and dietetics from Kenyatta university. She has worked in different hospitals with patients to  optimise their  nutrition and hasten their recovery, given talks in various workshops  on nutrition.
She is currently working with individual clients to optimise their nutritional status and that of their loved ones.
healthy eating habits


Most frequent questions and answers

Cutting down on your food intake suddenly is not only counter productive but can result to some harmful health effects. read full text on dieting here.

As one ages, their relationship with food deteriorates to one of selective eating. Here are some ways to ensure they get adequate nutrition.

Generally speaking, its not about how much carbohydrates you take, but what type of foods you choose to eat daily

We plan for almost everything else in our lives but slot in our meals as a by the way. our eating habits have eat.of the highest impacts to our health and we should be intentional about what we 

foods act as fuel for our bodies to function. the energy produced from different foods is calculated in calories. Nutritionists and dietitians try to balance the amount of energy one uses almost daily to the amount of calories they eat to find a balance.

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