Sometimes,it is just easier to give in and say yes to a snack. It gets pretty exhausting to keep saying no, either because you want to cut weight or for whatever other reason.Snacking is not a crime and like everything else, if done right can become part of a healthy routine.

The most important thing to remember is this; snack on things that are filled with real food and nourishing ingredients that will leave you both energized and happy. We are all after a good taste when we eat so making snacking sweet and healthy is an untimate hack. Besides, who said healthy eating has to suck.

Here is a list of nutritionally fulfilling bitings you can have at those moments you feel you need something between meals.


Yoghurt; made by fermentation of milk. As opposed to sour milk, it’s fermentation is controlled by regulating temperature and type of bacteria used to ferment it while sour milk happens by accident, that is by leaving fresh milk in a warm environment over 24 hours. Yoghurt is good for your body as it provides lots of needed nutrients including vitamins,proteins and fats. It’s also very good for your gastrointestinal system (stomach and intestines) as it contains the Good type bacteria needed for healthy digestion.

Yoghurt and honey Most manufactured yoghurts have lots of artificial sugars. This are unhealthy and reduce the health benefit of taking yoghurt. A good alternative would be to buy naural yoghurt and add honey to it. This recipe has been used for decades and helps promote the taste of natural yoghurt, for some of us with a sweet tooth.

Popcorn Its impressive that popcorn is not junk food. Its a whole gtain in itsself. Its popped corn! And to mix it up a little, you can add some butter to it or some cheese. As long as it’s not mixed with a lot of sugary junk, popcorn is a perfect in between meals snacks. For movies, study or chill day indoors with friends.

Fruit smoothie or fruits. Fruits are filling, full of so many nutrients, good fibre content and so sweet to taste. They make the perfect snack! You can take a fruit at a time, which is the recommended way by nutrionists or you can make a Fruit salad with a couple of fruits. Blending fruits for a smoothie is also a great alternative! It’s pretty fun and easy to blend up fruits and try different flavours.

Hard-boiled eggs make a perfect source of protein and nutrients. You can prebol and put in the fridge and warm when you need. Or you can boil one on need, it doest take long to have one ready. You can try this with a salad.. (tomatoes,onions,green pepper) or with avocado. Hard boiled eggs taste good with guacamole. You can add nuts to the mix. Good thing you can do all this as separate snacks and spread them out during your day. But the combination of all can give you quite a kick.

Home make cookies or mandazis; the beauty with home made meals is that you can put in whatever you want to. Choose natural spices and ingredients to make your cookies or mandazis.Bananas make a great mix, raisins go well too with baking. Adding raisins adds a great taste to anything backed. Raisins are also really good as a light snacks on their own.Raisins are dried grapes in small packets. Used for cakes and so meals like rice. They are rich in iron, good for teeth and taste great. You can also make a sandwich. It provides a good combination of carbohydrate protein and vegetables or even a fruit if possible. Whole bread is great for this since it is more healthy and filling. You can also make banana flitters; this are cookie sized pancakes with a slice of banana in the middle. You can mix up any other spices in including chocolate chips.

Boiled corn or maize has an amazing taste.Potato fries or banana friefries can count as a meal but can also be good to munch on especially with a salad to top them up. You can try baking this too that is baked sweet potatoes, Irish Potatoes or raw bananas.

Frozen fruit popsicles; this are a great healthy and delicious substitute for sugared up icecream. Apples and peanut butter gives a mix of bitter sweet taste.If the peanut butter is too thick, adding some natural yoghurt helps lighten it and also add some flavour freezing this gives a great flavour to it. Frozen yoghurt is also a perfect for hot days

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