The Covid-19 pandemic has affected us in so many ways. We are suddenly plunged into a new way of life that many of us don’t fancy, staying indoors to flatten the curve. This immensely changes the way we do most things. Our routines have had to change. Most of us no longer wake up early in the morning to ready the kids for school or prepare to go to work. No meeting up with friends over the weekend. The local gym is closed and generally, there’s not much going on outside the house.
It’s during such times that we may easily overlook healthy living. Being at home throughout the day gives you the opportunity and time to snack every hour, Oversleep, binge on movies or overindulge in whatever you set your mind to. We forget that the need to stay healthy at home 
Before it is too late, you need to think about the importance of staying healthy as you stay indoors. Whether you are working from home or at the office, your body still needs that tender loving care which is best provided by healthy living.
Here’s how you can stay healthy at home during this corona virus pandemic and in such similar situations where you will have to stay indoors for long.

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Maintain Hygiene

Cleaning the environment around you keeps away many disease-causing organisms. Science has proven that washing hands and surfaces with soap destroys the corona virus. What’s more, the virus can stay on surfaces for a considerable amount of time. It can survive on stainless steel surfaces and plastic for up to 3 days and on cardboard for a day. Therefore, you need to ensure that your environment is clean all the time. Scrub those countertops; clean the floor, door handles and any surfaces at home.

The Centre for Disease Control (CDC) has stated that the virus primarily spreads through droplets expelled by a sick person. For this reason, you need to practise cough hygiene to protect the people around you.

Keep Working Out

With the drastic change in routine and closure of public facilities such as gyms, it is hard to keep up with workout routines, especially if you had a trainer or some people to keep you motivated. You can easily switch to a home exercise routine and keep fit at home. Adaptability will be the key to make it through this period. Despite the lack of access to the local playground, you can create some space in the living room, backyard or garage and make that your workout spot. If you have invested in a home gym, make maximum use of it.  

There is too much you can do a lot at home as exercise. You can jog around the neighbourhood. You can take walks; do push ups, lift weights or skip rope. Thanks to technology, you can join online training sessions and stay fit as a fiddle.

If work was holding you back, now is the time to start exercising. When normalcy returns, you can slot in some workouts in your schedule, you will find that your body will be used to exercises and hence adapt smoothly.

Find the best exercise plan for you on YouTube and other online channels and stay healthy at home.

Stay Healthy at Home by Eating Healthy

With the all the time, you are free to try out all those recipes you had on your commotion list. That is permissible. You can cook up all you want but you have to make sure you are preparing healthy foods. In addition, above everything, always stick to a balanced diet and a meal plan that benefits your body.

Do your best to find fresh veggies and plant-based foods. Whole grains and fruits also make up a healthy meal.

Avoid foods that have high levels of added sugars and saturated fats. Trans fats are the unhealthy fats and they will cause bad effects like unwanted gain. Choose the healthy fats like those found in avocado because they improve your body function. You should also limit the amounts of sodium you take in to less than 2300 milligrams per day.

Tips for Healthy Eating:

  • Eat a variety of food including whole grains, fruits and vegetables.
  • Limit your intake of salt.
  • Avoid too much fats and oils.
  • Avoid many fried foods.
  • Limit intake of sweets and fizzy drinks.
  • Choose fresh fruits over processed snacks.

If you are too busy to prepare a proper meal, avoid the temptation to order junk foods. You can do simple recipes like rice and veggies.

Eating healthily boosts your immune system to fight diseases better. Ensure that your foods are well cleaned, cooked and stored in the recommended temperatures.

Talk to our nutritionist and get a meal plan that is personalised to meet your goals.

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stay home safe and helathy
stay home heathy safe

Stay Hydrated

Drink enough water because hydration helps to keep you healthy. Men need an average of 3.7 litres per day whereas women should take an average of 2.7 litres in a day. Even as you stay indoors bingeing on movies, remember to take adequate amounts of water so that your body organs function optimally.

Taking enough water keeps a glow on your skin, maintains your blood pressure, helps to get rid of body wastes and helps to achieve weight loss.

Maintain Your Mental Health

Mental health is a key component of human living. In situations such as the current pandemic and other strenuous moments, lives change. You have to adhere to the restrictions by the government. There is the fear of losing a job and the thoughts of contracting the disease. Our social lives have drastically changed and it is up to us to adapt as fast in terms of how we interact with others. All these are potential threats to mental health.

To maintain a healthy mental state, you should ensure that you have the right information. Avoid any news that may cause anxiety. Read about the disease from established channels and avoid alarmist networks.

A routine safeguards your body and mind from drastic changes and decision fatigue. Try as much as possible to have some form of routine, especially in the morning. You should be consistent with your working and sleeping routine. Create time for doing fun activities and exercise regularly.

Social interactions are important for maintaining mental health. If you are at home with your family members, spend time together and bond. If your social contact is restricted, talk to your loved ones regularly on phone.

Try yoga and meditation because they are crucial in alleviating stress. You can use online applications that guide through the therapy sessions.

Tips for Perfect Mental Health

  • Have a routine that you can follow.
  • Exercise regularly
  • Avoid abusing drugs
  • Talk to your family and friends often
  • Think positively
  • Avoid too much information that can cause anxiety,
  • Stick to therapy if you have a mental condition.


Limit Alcohol Intake and Avoid Drugs

When you have too much time to idle around, you might start having cravings for alcohol and drugs. Alcohol makes you vulnerable to many diseases and it is a risk factor for several chronic conditions such as hypertension and different cancers.

Tobacco and other drugs have detrimental effects on your health. When you feel overwhelmed by those bad cravings, you can find an alternative activity to keep you busy and act as a distraction. For instance, you can go for a run across the neighbourhood and cool down the urge. If you are in a support group, this is the time to consider online sessions.


Whenever this has to happen, whether due to an outbreak of a disease, during your annual leave or a period of illness, always endeavour to stay healthy. Your health is your wealth. You need to invest in it so that you optimize your life now and in the future. Stay healthy at home by sticking to your exercise routine so that do not revert to huffing and puffing. The covid-19 has changed many aspects of our lives and flexibility in our bodies, mind, schedules and relations is the way we cope with the rapid change. 


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