We are creatures of habit. Having a defined time to wake up is good for our minds and bodies. Get to know how your days are scheduled and find the time that works for you. Of course life throws curves and we are unable to stick to our schedules sometimes, But most days, if we plan to,we can hack a defined time to wake up. Try this, You will thank you later.

Don’t hit snooze. By

Some of us are experts at snoozing. Try not to be over ambitious with your wake up time. That way you are convinced that when the alarm goes off, that’s your time to be up. Besides, snoozing gives such a temporary gratification, and guilt later. If you don’t need an alarm to wake up at a specific time, good for you!

It’s so refreshing to brush your teeth as the first thing in the morning. It’s one of the habits that can get your brain from groggy to “let’s do this”  It requires your least effort, no thinking power and gives you a few minutes on your feet to get your blood pumping.

Get your heart pumping.

Do a little physical activity.This doesn’t have to be your main workout, that is if you do not have your gym time scheduled in the morning. A few jumping jacks, a few sit-ups, jogging on the spot… 5 to 10 minutes should  do. By the end of this you’ll probably be feeling like you can take on the world.

Drink, as you plan your day.

Water? Coffee? Tea? A smoothie? Yogurt? You can figure what works for you. For most people though, water is good to go. Cold or warm. Besides, you have the whole day to have all other drinks you’d want to have. So we recommend a glass of water. Water is therapeutic. You can list your goals for the day as you do.

Me time.
Some people  choose to Meditate, some journal , some watch the sunrise and appreciate the beauty of the day, some have their devotion time. The goal should be to focus on yourself without being distracted.

Take a shower/bathThis one is Pretty obvious. Taking a shower early in the day,even if you are staying indoors  gives you a fresh start feeling. The earlier the better. Some great ideas have been generated during baths…. Eureka…

Focus on a major task.

Finishing a task you perceive difficult enables you to start your day with a winning mentality.  You are hence able to complete easier tasks more efficiently. It also reduces your chances of procrastinating, since chances of pushing the task to another time increases as the day goes by.

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