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We create an environment for you to achieve optimal health though individualized health care.We believe that prevention of an illness is way more critical than its cure. Granted that some illnesses are beyond prevention and the best care is either curative or palliative,most common illnesses can be prevented or procrastinated.

We aim to help our clients keep a proper record of their health. This will enable early detection of any illnesses and will also ensure proper followup of any preexisting illness. We work with different health care professionals in their different fields of specialisation. This ensures that quality service is given

Team members

faces behind the success

Dr Wanjira


Currently a medical officer intern at mama Lucy Kibaki hospital. She is passionate about preventive medicine, practicing patient based care and building her career around prevention of overt illness, especially when it comes to non communucable diseases. She is the founder and passionate about preventive medicine.

Dr Anthony Onunga

Medical Officer

A holistic care enthusiast looking to bridge the communication and knowledge gap between healthcare professionals and the lay population. Shares information and opinions on health conditions and the practice at large.

Mercy Muriithi

A Licensed professional counselor.

She has a diploma in psychological counselling and founder of mentallightonline therapy services. She's passionate about helping clients facing anxiety, depression, loss and grief. She also tackles a wide array of mental health health issues .

Mary Muthoni

A licensed nutritionist and dietitian.

She has a diploma and degree in nutrition and dietetics. She has worked with several private clients,especially those living with diabetes, hypertension, chronic kidney disease and those wishing to modify their weight. Also skilled in providing diet plans for individuals.