How To Live a Healthy Lifestyle

We all want a long and energetic life. As you may already know, this needs a little bit of effort. You may have read all those magazines and journals about how to live a healthy lifestyle. And every time you try, you keep slipping back to the old unhealthy ways. Perhaps they gave many instructions or prescribed recipes that you couldn’t afford.


It during such times that we may easily overlook healthy living. Being at home throughout the day gives you time to snack every hour. Oversleeping and overeating are practically the norm.
Before it is too late, you need to think about the importance of staying healthy all the time. Whether you are working from home or at the office, your body still needs that tender loving care which is best provided by healthy living

CHOLESTEROL, good or bad.

Cholesterol is important in the making of hormones , vitamin D synthesis and substances that help you digest food .High levels of cholesterol intake  lead to excess weight and obesity . This has several harmful effects to our bodies. one of them is the risk of developing heard disease.