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We partner with accredited health professionals from different specialties to bring you the best health advise. We also link you to health care professionals for quality care.

We focus on the kenyan health environment and give recommendations based on the current health data within the country. We ensure we customise health care solutions to suit you and your environment.

We keep track of your health journey. Once examined by our professionals we construct a proper medical record for you, keep it secure and give you access to it when you need it. We can avail it to any hospital or health professional apon your approval. We also keep track of your health by reminding you of your bi annually or annual checkups. We provide health packages that include bi annual checkups and followup clinics

Our Health Topics

General Health Facts

We hear a lot about the negative effects of caffeine on our health, but it turns out that caffeine has its good points too.


Drinking plenty of water each day will ensure you get enough water for essential body functions.

Preventive Health

When it comes to healthcare, most people act re-actively instead of proactively.

Kenya's Health Landscape

The Government of Kenya prioritises health as a strategic sector in its national development agenda.

Chic_Doctors Diary

Multi-Purpose Cap: It can be used as bleach friendly hat, chef hat, sanitary hat, beauty spa cap, chemo hat for hair loss and so on.

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